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Research & Development

Nothing is left to chance at Storck, even during the first stages of computer development. The results of our work are continuously subject to checks on our testing machines – and this quite literally. After a careful visual control of all product dimensions using our special frame alignment table, we are able to check every frame in detail using our own modern EFBe derived testing equipment.

Using dynamic loading durability tests we simulate pedalling forces, rider weight and jumps. Frame rigidity at the head tube and bottom bracket can be measured statically. Our testing procedures conform to the newest and strictest EU testing norms and standards. With this technical foundation we can construct frames and forks which are not only amongst the lightest and most rigid available but are also extremely durable.


Storck Bicycle is a manufacturer of frames and parts. The extensive experience that we have gained by working with many different materials enables us to build high-end products that are the leaders in technology and design. The frames and parts are developed in Germany under very strict quality requirements prior to being produced by selected partners world wide.
All of our products are tested extensively before they go into final production.
Every Storck bicycle is inspected by a highly qualified staff member in Bad Camberg, Germany. Each step of the process strictly adheres to our “handcrafted perfection” reputation.


Every Storck product is double and triple checked before it goes into final production. There are 14 separate tests that check the rigidity and the accuracy of the manufacturing, as well as the measurements and appearance of each product.

Storck Features

A Storck frame is characterized by many technical features. Here you will find the complete detailed list, split into carbon and aluminium.