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Storck Lab

In order to satisfy our high quality demands, every product must prove its worth in a series of internal and external tests.

We work closely with the worldwide renowned test institution EFBe (Engineering for Bikes). Every new bike is received at our office in Germany and taken to our alignment table. Here every bike is inspected and checked for consistency and flaws.

At random, a bike may be chosen to go through our in-house testing. In our testing facility, we take a bike through 100,000 cycles of bottom bracket testing, steering stiffness, jumping (pulling saddle downwards), and impact to steering front (crashing into sidewalk).

View EFBE test video
View bottom bracket rigidity test video
View headtube rigidity test video

This process takes over 48 straight hours and ensures that when you receive your bike, it will be everything you dreamed of.

View frame alignment inspection video