• Poshbikes - Storck Bicycles and Components


Poshbikes has designed and supplied the lightest, highest performance and most exotic bicycles in the world and continues to supply unique custom specification Storck bicycles alongside the worlds fastest, lightest and highest performance accessories to the most discerning and dedicated cycling enthusiasts.

Dedicated to turning dreams into reality and creating one of a kind masterpieces that outperform all others in every respect. Specialists in Time Trial, Triathlon, Road and MTB, our broad and comprehensive knowledge of each sport combined with an unrivaled understanding of all things mechanical guarantee nothing less than the best of the best.

We take time to know each customer and their bicycle personally and understand that owning a ‘Poshbike’ is more than just owning a bicycle; it is a way of life. Our bicycles are a technical masterpiece that defines its owner as an individual, someone who appreciates technology and desires the finer things in life, someone who respects quality, admires exquisite styling and demands the highest performance.

Poshbikes ‘custom’ bicycles are as individual as their owner. Why ride an off-the-peg Storck when you could be riding your own unique Storck for the same cost. Full custom builds from under £2000.00 to the limits you set.