Welcome To Scapin UK

Stefano’s father Umberto Scapin founded the Scapin brand on a modern and ambitious ideal; to produce bicycles with a technical excellence noticeable to all admirers.

Scapin are a brand steeped in History. Over 50 years of Italian frame building, a passion for design, devotion to quality, and a determination to create the greatest bicycles in the world have created a brand recognized for its unique details and application of technology. Those who desire the finer things in life will appreciate the levels of accuracy, quality, handling and performance as well as the artistry, attention to detail and perfection of finish that only the greatest artisan manufactures can achieve.

A Scapin bicycle is as breathtaking to behold as it is to ride, each time out a special occasion. A Scapin is a racing chassis ridden by legends such as Gilberto Simoni (Team Ballan), Fabio Baldato (Team Ballan) and Antonella Bellutti (Olympic Champion) yet equally they are a work of art fit for a gallery wall.

Today, Stefano Scapin designs his frames in Italy, where he continues to create bicycles that exhibit quality, technology and soul in equal measure.

Over the years we have watched Scapin develop and grow, although once we’d sampled their latest 2011 creations we could sit and watch no more and are proud to announce that Wallis Products Limited are the sole distributor of Scapin bicycles and components for the UK.

Scapin bicycles are supplied exclusively through carefully chosen authorized dealers. Please do not hesitate to contact us for more information.